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About Us

Keith Humes - Halfway House Coalition - Open Up A Halfway House - #halfwayhousecoalition -

We have been commissioned to change the way we
are housing the most venerable population in
America. These folks for the most part they've got no


They're following a blueprint like this: “if I get a
certain education, I will get a job” but then the truth is
it doesn't happen that way, so we've got a problem
with recidivism.


They go through this transition from being institutionalized to being free, but they are not necessarily free from the stigma of incarceration. We confuse the release from prison with freedom not necessarily independent. It doesn't mean you're free independently… it simply means that you've chosen to chart your own course, your own destiny.

Our Mission

At the Halfway House Coalition, we believe in the power of unity; it is the driving force behind our mission. We strive for unity not only among ourselves but also with those who share our vision of helping vulnerable people move beyond institutionalization and back into society.


Our coalition is dedicated to bringing together diverse perspectives and approaches in order to develop innovative initiatives that provide meaningful assistance during this
transition period.


With unity as our foundation, we are committed to creating a network of support that will empower individuals to reach their full potential and build strong, vibrant communities. Together, we can make a difference!

Halfway House Coalition - Mission - Open Up A Halfway House - #halfwayhousecoalition - #do


Our goal is advocacy for the voiceless people, ex-offenders, mental health sufferers, homeless veterans, women and children, and transgenders included.

Halfway House Coalition - Advocacy - Open Up A Halfway House - #halfwayhousecoalition - #d

They will need a job history, once they reveal they're ex-offenders, their job applications are denied, as well as rental applications for housing, and failed background checks, therefore, the system is broken, with no programs for training and change, resulting in individuals being broken again.


The frustration generally leads these individuals right back to the scene of the crime, resulting in increased recidivism in our communities.


Many are suffering from PTSD, dual diagnoses, childhood trauma, baby momma drama, prison-minded, triggers of society, and familiarity with prison provisions, we will advocate on their behalf. The prison system is designed for repeat offenders.

Halfway House Coalition Advocacy Will Create Dialogue To:

#1. Provide a safe environment and housing.


#2. Job Training and education.


#3. Restore families, when an individual is trained for success, to marry, have children, create revenue to sustain their family, this will be a generation changer, they will be more concerned about their communities. Trent, 3rd generation upholsterer, trained in the family trade.


When I got restored, my children did not get the time, I was not present for them, now, I am restored, my grandchildren get time with me, I am the major breadwinner for my family, and my grandchildren's education is already paid for.  I am conscious of my community, so, when an ex-offender is restored, they will become conscious of their community, desire to create change for their family and community, and feel responsible. This will climb the ladder of city, state, and national government, once it gets back to the family, we can then get back to God's Original Plan for man


Some of the activities we will conduct will be Job Fairs, Health Fairs, and Fundraising Drives. To not be dependent on grants, we too must create our sustainability. We will be self-sufficient, and our Coalition will invest in franchises, i.e., Jani-King cleaning service, this company will generate contracts for you, and we can employ our people living in the halfway houses, and that revenue will sustain the Coalition. We will produce several strategies to sustain the legacy of the Coalition

Halfway House Coalition - Advocacy - Open Up A Halfway House - #halfwayhousecoalition - #d

Core Values

Our Continuum of Care will be created to secure the safety, stability and well-being of individuals who are marginalized and disenfranchised. We will also focus on our Core Values which include Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence to help build successful communities.

Halfway House Coalition - Core Values - Open Up A Halfway House - #halfwayhousecoalition -

We believe that by engaging with local partners across the regions we can build strategic alliances to expand our reach and make a lasting impact. We will work together to create life-changing opportunities for people living in the halfway houses and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.


The Halfway house Coalition is committed to making sure that everyone has access to affordable housing and that we can help create a sustainable future for those who are bing served.

7 Pillars














Halfway House Coalition - 7 Pillars - Open Up A Halfway House - #halfwayhousecoalition - #
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