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Keith Humes

Our Founder Keith Humes is dedicated to guiding and serving the needs of all the communities nationwide for the stewards managing the programs for Halfway House, Transitional & Recovery Homes. 

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Meet Our Founder

Keith Humes

Profound, prolific, powerful and humble, are adjectives that fitly describes the ministry of Elder Keith E. Humes. ThisMiami native was a late bloomer. He is the fifth son of George and Coraleen Humes, parents that worked hard toprovide for him and his siblings.

He attended Sunday school along with his six siblings as a young boy but never came to relationship with Christ until at the age of 42 when he met his wife, Mother Marguretta Humes, who invited him to God’s house before she invited him to her house. He matriculated in the Dade county public school system, dropped out of school in the 10th grade and then spent the next 20 years in jails and institutions until he got saved under the ministry of Apostle Dr. H.L. Smith, Chief Overseer of Mount Sinai Pentecostal Deliverance Ministry. It was there that Elder Keith Humes developed a passion for outreach and church development. After many years of development and training he preached his trial sermon and demonstrated a great tenacity of communicating with relevance and power, the Word of God.

In 2004 he was ordained an elder by his Apostle. His heart and passion have always been for the down and out. He organized health fairs, set up the first food bank for the church, computer lab, transitional housing program for recovering addicts and veterans. He and his wife started a ministry called Bridging the Gap where the Lord blessed them to grow from a 4-bedroom home that was donated to the ministry, into a 120-bed facility. Many men and women, over 1 thousand, received help from the ministry. He was the first to apply and secure grants for the Mount Sinai Community development Corporation. He served in that ministry faithfully as adjutant to Apostle Dr. H.L. Smith, President of the Men’s Dept as well as President of the Deacon board for more than 12 years until his youngest step son, Apostle Ricardo Strachan, started his ministry where he and his wife serves now. Elder Humes testimony is a direct reflection of the favor of God from prison and the many transitions of urban life; the hand of the Lord has been upon his life.

Elder Humes believes that real ministry is outside the four walls and is excited about the present generation’s potential and its reconnection the His holy church. Elder Humes unique stlye and experience has afforded him the unique ability to bridge the gap between the have and the have nots, the educated and the uneducated. Elder Humes is a volunteer at Broward Outreach Center where he preach the gospel 5 days a week to men and women for the last 2 years. Elder Humes holds a Master of science degree from Smith University.

Elder Humes, as he is affectionally called, along with his devoted wife has 7 children in a blended family.


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