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The Model Inmate: Mind Over Matter: How I Became the Model Inmate | 🥇 Ray V. Boyd
The Model Inmate: Mind Over Matter: How I Became the Model Inmate | 🥇 Ray V. Boyd

March 7, 2023 | Replay


REPLAY via YouTube

The Model Inmate: Mind Over Matter: How I Became the Model Inmate | 🥇 Ray V. Boyd

Special Presentation by Ray V. Boyd. Author of "The Model Inmate: Mind Over Matter: How I Became the Model Inmate". The Model Inmate captures the essence of prison life through the voice of someone who has lived it continuously through different eras, administrations, and decades, Ray V. Boyd.

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March 7, 2023 | Replay

REPLAY via YouTube

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Hi Halfway House Coalition Members,

Ray V. Boyd

Juvenile Lifer/Author/Speaker/Activist/Founder & President of Next Level Empowerment Program.


On 11/15/2021 Ray was released from the Connecticut Department of Correction After having served thirty-years of his fifty-year term for crimes committed when he was just seventeen years old. During his incarceration, in 2015, he Co-Founded the Skills of Socialization (S.O.S.) program at the Osborn Correctional Institute and in 2018 he Co-Founded the T.R.U.E. Reentry program at the Cheshire Correctional Institute, where the program was

aired on 60 Minutes news magazine.

Since his release, he has worked at Lewis Real Estate while attending real estate school and Yale New Haven Health in Patient Transportation. He volunteers his time as a board member of CT. Stop Solitary Confinement while advocating for second chance offenders.

In April of 2022, he was a presenter of Restorative Justice Practices at the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ) in Chicago, Illinois. Ray volunteers his time with the United States Department of Justice as a speaker with FED Up, and Project Safe Neighborhood as well as Project Longevity.  As a consultant, he’s lent his lived experience to Odyssey Impact as an Expert Contributor to the Documentary “Second Shot, By Andrew Michael Ellis” which is a National Campaign to bring about the awareness of social injustices here in America and abroad.

He is the Author of “The Model Inmate” which explores his time of incarceration. His tome has afforded him the opportunity to travel around the country to Speak with at risk youth and others. In 2022, he was invited by city of Miami to take part in an Authors, Arts & Jazz Festival in Coconut Grove Florida. In February of 2023, he was invited down to the Nations Capital (Wash. DC) to speak with at risk at H.D. Woodson High School during Black History Month.

Starting on March 1, 2023, he will embark on his new journey as the Project manager after being hired by the Yale Law School & Racial Justice Center.

He looks to share his lived experience with all so that it may benefit the lives of others.

You can purchase his book > THE MODEL INMATE (Mind Over Matter)



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